The Interactive Cat Pedicure by The Emery Cat Board

Cats claws better be sharp if they spend time outdoors; claws are cats' main weapons of defense. 

A cat pedicure is just the thing for indoor cats, but with the new EmeryCat, you don't have to face a torrent of screams and hisses to clip and sand your cats' nails. Your cat does his own pedicure with this interactive EmeryCat board.

Cats love to scratch, and generally, scratching posts or scratching steps are made out of cardboard, sisal, wood, or carpet help to keep a cat's nails sharp.   But the EmeryCat, which is also made with the aforementioned materials, adds the big emery board (aka sandpaper) to the mix, so that the claws are actually being dulled or softened as cats scratch it.  To make the EmeryCat even more appealing to kitty, you can lace the honeycombed surface with the catnip that comes with the EmeryCat board.

It's the 2007 winner of Everyday Edisons, Michael Diep, who has brought this award winning invention to market.  Like many inventors, Diep's EmeryCat was developed out of necessity, after Diep decided that he was not going to take his brother's cats to the vet's office every two weeks for a pedicure.  I'm sure the cats were overjoyed to learn that.  You know how much cats love to be crated when crating means only one thing to them: the VET! 

EmeryCat is now selling online, in some Wal-Mart stores, and pet shops.  But soon, you will be seeing, "EmeryCat - The Infomercial" on your late night cable TV stations!  Congratulations Mr. Diep! 

Source: USA Today article reprinted by News10 Sacramento

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Michael Diep Emery Cat Scores Licensing Deal with Petstage

Edison Nation Member and Season 2 Everyday Edison, Michael Diep, has come a long way since first pitching his invention idea, Emery Cat, to Everyday Edisons in 2007. Almost eight years later, Emery Cat is breathing new life – this time through licensing.

Edison Nation has many channels to bring product ideas to market. When an idea is selected, you can ensure we will pursue every avenue for its best chance of success. When a product runs it course through As Seen on TV, licensing opportunities are almost always pursued.

As with most things in life, good things take time.  Bringing product ideas to market is no different. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit Emery Cat’s timeline of events from Everyday Edisons to present day.

February 2007:  Emerycat inventor, Michael Diep presents his prototype at the Everyday Edisons casting call

June 2008: Everyday Edisons season 2 debuts featuring Michael Diep as one of 15 inventors

November 2009: Emery Cat As Seen on TV commercial airs nationwide

April 2010: Emery Cat is featured on QVC’s My Time with Mary Beth

January 2014: Edison Nation Licensing begins exploring licensing avenues for Emery Cat

February 2014: Emery Cat is presented to PetStages for a potential licensing deal

April 2014: PetStages expresses an interest in licensing Emery Cat

May 2014: The deal is officially signed; Emery Cat has been licensed to PetStages!

September 2014: Production begins

November 2014: Anticipated launch for product to be offered online and in stores at major retailers

Be sure to stay tuned for updates and keep an eye out for Emery Cat’s return to store shelves.

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