Michael Diep is a versatile product developer, marketing and promotions expert who enjoys tackling complicated situations with strategic solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term gains. As a marketing executive, Michael consulted on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and small entrepreneurial firms with proven successful record of growing businesses by leveraging strategic insights to build brands, identify growth drivers and lead innovation. 

Michael’s experience as an Innovator and Entrepreneur spans two decades, founding a handful of startups himself and directly influencing the creation of more than 10 other companies. Michael is a frequent guest on television and radio programs and frequently sought out speaker to discuss innovation, small business, and patent reform. As a leader within his community, Michael was one of only three invited guest speakers to share the stage with Dr. Arthur Fry, scientist and inventor of Post-It-Notes, at last year’s 15th Annual Independent Inventor Conference, hosted at the headquarters of the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Michael’s involvement and insight were influential in the passing of the America Invents Act; he was also awarded a personal invitation from President Obama to attend the signing of the Act (which went into effect on September 16, 2011).

The Emery Cat Board®, Michael’s flagship invention, debuted on the second season of the Emmy and Telly Award Winning Reality TV show Everyday Edison  on PBS with over 16,000 entries were received, each hoping to be one of the 12 coveted winners, each winner having a shot at further development including an investment upward of $500,000. Emery Cat became a best- selling DRTV infomercial product, selling in several countries including over 29,000 retail stores: Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and many major catalogs. 

Before Michael Diep’s triumphs in innovation, his earliest business successes include the explosive building of thousands of Network Marketing Team Leaders within very short periods of time, representing brands such as Amway, ACN, Equinox, World Marketing Alliances, and recently Herbalife.  In addition to his success at expanding the Edison Nation platform globally, www.EdisonNation.vn most recently into Asia, Michael founded Edison Nation Vietnam. In partnership with Edison Nation Holdings Company, Edison Nation Vietnam offers opportunities and resources to Vietnamese Innovators, providing a tested and trusted foundation with a rich record of success. Michael’s success is a living testament to his drive for excellence, immense appreciation for the United States, and sense of community. 

Michael Diep travels intensively across Asia speaking about Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, empowerment, transformation, and branding product. He works with some of the most powerful people in business from entrepreneurs to inventors such as the inventor of Armor All, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Most recently, Michael accepted an invitation from the US Consul General An T. Le to speak at the TECx Event last year in Asia on the topics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Stem Cell Technologies.  Beside Co- Founding member of GYMatch.com Mr. Diep is also working on his biographical book, a handful of new consumer’s products launch, plus a new Inventor Reality TV show with the Inventor Hall of Fame Post-It-Note inventor Dr. & Scientist Arthur Fry joining his Board.