Emery Cat Scores Licensing Deal with Petstage

Edison Nation Member and Season 2 Everyday Edison, Michael Diep, has come a long way since first pitching his invention idea, Emery Cat, to Everyday Edisons in 2007. Almost eight years later, Emery Cat is breathing new life – this time through licensing.

As with most things in life, good things take time.  Bringing product ideas to market is no different.

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Top Immigrant Inventors and Their Important Inventions


Some of the most significant inventors were born outside of the United States. Immigrants have been well-documented as having a leading role in innovation and economic growth in the country. Even today, foreign-born inventors are said to be fueling patent awards at the top patent-producing universities, with their innovations and new companies advancing American industries and creating American jobs. Who have been some of the most important immigrant inventors in history?

The Interactive Cat Pedicure by Emery Cat Board

Cats claws better be sharp if they spend time outdoors; claws are cats' main weapons of defense. A cat pedicure is just the thing for indoor cats, but with the new Emery Cat

you don't have to face a torrent of screams and hisses to clip and sand your cats' nails. Your cat does his own pedicure with this interactive EmeryCat board.

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